Food is the reason you should Travel!

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Food is the reason you should Travel!

Food is the reason you should Travel!

The primary purpose of travel is to experience different cultures and ways of living. To be another person for a few days and to unravel our adventurous streak. And what better way to do all this, that to discover it through cuisine?!

Food tells us an immense lot about a place, ingredients, culture and geology!

Some of our favourite food from across world is listed below. We discovered untold secrets and old classics with new twists, adding great joy to our travels! If you still need more reasons to get experimental with your food when you travel, we tell you why we love it!


Almost everything we have in India is Indian-ised. With masalas and paneer. While that may not be bad, if you don’t experiment, you’d never know the real taste of the original lasagna or machurian or bagels or shawarma!


The plate represents thought, philosophy and culture. The French food is artistic and elaborate, the Italians love their coffee and wines and the Thai love it spicy! These are all reflections of what the people in those countries love, and there’s nothing better to experience it than with food!


There’s nothing more exciting than making new discoveries. Did you know how fresh the fruits in Turkey can be, or the mangosteen of South East Asia, or the absolutely heavenly Chocopolagie Truffle of Denmark? How incomplete would your world be if you traveled, and din’t try these?!


We all would agree that there’s nothing quite like meal times to connect with people. Whether it’s about the recipe, the ingredients, sports, weather, arts or history, food gets strangers talking. And isn’t that the most beautiful part of traveling?

Bring the world back home: Loved the trufle in France? Or the very different cheese in Russia? Or the specific chocolate sauce in Japan? Bring it back home! Use it in your kitchen to whip up your own delicacy!

We give you our top picks on why we love traveling to some countries and what are our favourite dishes to try!


A product of French colonization in South East Asia, popularly known as the Vietnamese Hoagie, it is a mix of fabulous ingredients from the East and the West. It’s a humble sandwich, but surely nothing like you may have ever eaten before.


Delectable meat, usually lamb, you could opt for chicken or veal too, wrapped in Turkish Yufka or Armenian Lavash, this ‘roll’ is a must try when you visit Istanbul. Packed with vegetables, hot sauce and herbed yogurt, makes for a superb late night snack.


Fried rice ball, aptly named after the word ‘surprise’, which comes from the oozing mozzarella inside. The ingredients have more or less remained the same over the last century, mainly comprising tomato, rice, ragu (ground beef) and mozzarella. Recently you will find some chicken gizzards added to the mix as well.


From savoury to sweet, you can chose to satiate your craving for this omnipresent French Street food any time of the day or night. Finger licking good, these are a must have when you make a trip to beloved Paris.


Long crispy fried donuts with a helping of rich chocolate sauce. Makes for a fabulous breakfast treat. Well, not everyday, but if you are travelling and are in Spain for a short while, why not?


A trip to any part of Switzerland would be truly incomplete, without digging in to its magnificent cheese fondue.


So, get going, get eating! Call us and we will get you where your taste buds desire!

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Get The Kids Outdoors! 

Get The Kids Outdoors! 

Digital natives as they are called, today’s generation is finding it difficult to lead a life which is free of technology. While most parents will try and limit screen time, kids find one way or another to get their fill. However, we’re taking it upon us to help you get kids out of the house and indulge them in activities that excite their mind, body and soul.

Here are a few outdoor activities that can help kids find the beauty of the outdoors and let go of technology for a while!   


Take your kids cycling. There is truly no better way to get in some physical exercise and also bond with your loved ones. Pack on a few cycles on to your SUV, and ride in to areas that are relatively less crowded and ride the roads. No time for that? Fret not. Just head to your nearest promenade or even your society compound. Cycling is the easiest outdoor activity to plan in the cities too! It is important to maintain safety, so do ensure you have safety gear for you and your kids in place.


Plan a picnic. There are a number of great picnic spots around cities. In fact, you could pack a picnic basket and take off to a location within the city as well. Pick up supplies with them. Plan a barbeque. Ask them to pack their favourite picnic snacks. Get a Frisbee. Take a karaoke set to sing along. Take books, football and your pet – whatever you and your child fancy!


Skating is great for balance. It’s also great fun to do as a family! One can skate fairly well on walking tracks and along promenades by the sea. Society compounds make for safe skating areas too. Make sure to get the right gear and follow all safety rules!


If you like the outdoors, introduce your child to them as well. There are a number of great avenues for hiking outside cities, so pack a bag, load the SUV, find base camp and trek away. Monsoons are a great time to go trekking, with lush green mountains and the freshly washed countryside. You could find special camps that have some great activities besides trekking too, like zip lining, rappelling and lots more.


The beach is always a great idea. Kids love the beach. The sand, water and sun simply get them going. A day spent at the beach will tire them and ensure that they get a good night’s rest. A beach holiday once a year is surely a must and if you have a beach next to where you live, make it a habit to get out there once a fortnight or so.  Building sand castles together never goes out of style!


While you practice yoga indoors, the benefits simply grow manifold when you take the practice outside. Introduce your kids to the truly beneficial world of yoga and see positive developments physically and mentally.


Your child is never going to dismiss the idea of a day spent at an amusement park. You could plan an entire vacation around it, or simple dedicate a Sunday to a visit to the local amusement park. Whatever it may be, it offers to be a great outdoor activity for your kids and will help them get rid of any fear of roller coasters!


When travelling with your family, you don’t want to plan a holiday that is overly relaxed, because, let’s face it, kids get restless, so you have to constantly look for ideas that can keep them occupied. So, plan a vacation that is filled with activities that can engage them physically. Choose a resort that offers a host of activities. Or plan a safari holiday. Even a cultural one. Mix it up well so that they’re constantly amused, excited and intrigued by the world around them.


While this may not be possible all months of the year, there are a few places that could allow it all year round as well. Plan a skiing holiday. Learn it together. Go sliding down gorgeous slopes together. There’s nothing like learning a new sport together with your child!


Introduce your kids to a whole new world, one – the one underwater! Indulge in a variety of water sports that are child-friendly. Snorkeling, scuba diving, para-sailing, jet skiing – check what’s safe for your child and then get going!


No matter which route you wish to take with your child, we are here to plan the perfect outdoor holiday!


Get in touch with our experts today and surprise the little one with an unforgettable memory!

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Top 10 Monsoon Destinations!  

Top 10 Monsoon Destinations!  

It’s raining outside, and all you can see out of the window is water clogged streets and cars piled up one behind the other. This is no way to enjoy the monsoon in the city! So pack your bags and head out to one of our top monsoon destination picks!


If you are living in Mumbai and looking for a quick getaway, Lonavala makes for a true Monsoon Paradise. The greenery along the Sahyadri mountain ranges is revived, and beautiful cascading waterfalls begin their descent. The weather is wonderful and ambience overly peaceful.

About a two hour drive from Mumbai, you can get there quickly and spend an enjoyable weekend and come back refreshed. Too busy for a weekend? Lonavala is great for a day trip too! For those who like going around, there’s Tiger Hill, Karla Caves and of course the very popular Bushi Dam. For the peace lovers, we’d recommend a quaint bungalow or hotel room to put your feet up and relax.


A short flight from Mumbai, Goa is a favourite of holiday seekers all through the year. The best part about the monsoon season is that it’s off season in Goa, and you can get the most amazing deals this time of the year.

The sunny beaches make way for cool, overcast days. The Goan cuisine takes a delicious twist with very underrated delicacies.

The Dudhsagar Falls and the Aguada Fort are especially beautiful in the monsoons.


One of the best monsoon destinations in India, there is little wonder why it is known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’. Treat yourself to the most beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery and mesmerizing views of the hills while you are here.

When in Kodai, you must visit the Berijam lake and Kodai Lake, which offers some great views of the surrounding Palni Hills.


A group of about 570 islands, they offer a exciting mix of water sports, wildlife, beautiful beaches, tribal life, natural beauty and some great time off for that much needed monsoon break.

Havelock Island is great for snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and many other water sports. Of course, the weather needs to permit water sports in the monsoons. We’d suggest you order your favourite food and drinks and just watch as the rains pitter-patter over your roof.


The beautiful variety of flora and fauna in this utopic paradise that is known for its thick forest cover, will keep you at peace during your monsoon break. It is a destination that is ideal for romance with its gorgeous waterfalls, coffee plantations, lakes and amazing food options.

When in Coorg you have to visit the Pushpagri Wildlife Sanctuary, monsoon-hike your way up the Kotebetta and visit the Jog Falls, which are the second highest falls in India.


A paradise in God’s own country – Kerala. Beautiful tea gardens covered in heavy mist, gorgeous hills that come alive during this season and an atmosphere that is ripe for romance and adventure.

Places that you absolutely must visit include Anamudi for wildlife, lakes in Devikulam and the Attukal waterfalls.


Known as the City of the Lakes, Udaipur with all its grandeur, makes for a beautiful monsoon destination. The season revives the greenery in the area and the lakes and palaces offer some breathtaking views.

When in Udaipur, you must visit the City Palace, the Lake Palace, the Monsoon Palace and enjoy a boat ride on the Fateh Sagar Lake.


Since this place is almost untouched, it has a mystical charm to it. Also known as ‘Little Tibet’, Spiti is ideal for those who are looking for an offbeat and adventure-filled break.

Must visits include Pin Valley National Park for the flora and wildlife and Lhalung monastery to find inner peace.


The city of Shillong in Meghalaya receives the most amount of waterfall in the rainy season. Surrounded by the Jayanti Hills and Khasi Valley, you can be sure to feast your eyes on beautiful waterfalls and panoramic views ripe with greenery. There’s something about the mountains in Meghalaya that make it unlike any other that you’ve seen.

Must visits include the David Scott Trail, a trek you must embark on when in Shillong.


Cobble stoned streets, mustard villas, old colonial houses and a beautiful sea front with quiet bars and cafes make Pondicherry a fabulous monsoon escape.

Feast on some amazing French delicacies; visit Auroville and make sure to enjoy some serenity at the beaches.

Wanderlust calling? Worry not. Just reach out to us and tell us where you want to go this summer. We’ll make it happen.

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Mauritius: A Short Guide

Mauritius: A Short Guide

Picture perfect Mauritius is on many a traveler’s wish list. For those who’ve been there, often find themselves traveling back to the beautiful island country that’s popular for its sun, sand and beaches. What makes Mauritius special, is the stunning melting pot of African, French, Asian and British that it is.
With crystal clear waters, palm fringed beaches, beautiful aquamarine lagoons and luxury hotels dotting the entire island, it is a popular attraction for honeymooners and jet setters alike.

But Mauritius has much more than what’s popularly believed. Let us take you through a short guide to this beautiful country that you’re bound to love!

Beautiful topography: For a country as small as Mauritius, it has an impressive, varied topography. Sugarcane plantations, gorges, forested ridges, meadows, arable land and bright tropical flowers – Mauritius has it all!
The main appeal, of course, is the 177 KM coastline, which offers a myriad of beautiful hues. Much of the islands’ shorelines are blessed with calm lagoons, which offers a perfect opportunity for diving, snorkeling and water sports out by the coral reef.

Great properties: Most of the hotels in Mauritius lie in the north, east and west coasts. From budget and affordable luxury to lavish 5 starts, Mauritius has a hotel to fit every budget. And most of them come with beautiful views of the sea. The relatively quieter south of the island is developing soon and has some great properties that offer a quieter, non-touristy side of Mauritius.

Quaint spots: Probably one of the most romantic spots on the island is the peninsula of Le Morne in the southwest corner of the island.

You do not have to be a beach bum to enjoy the island as there is so much more to do. The interiors in the south are home the island’s highest peak, Mount Piton, which you can visit by crossing some interesting places like Chamarel, a beautiful village that boasts of beautiful pineapple and coffee plantations. Also, pay visit to the seven colored earth while you are there.

National Parks: Visit the Black River Gorges National Park. An imposing waterfall going deep in to a steep gorge of forest, makes for a mesmerizing view. Nature lovers, rejoice, as protected habitats can be charted by way of walking trails. Rare plants, endangered birds and monkeys are all there for the viewing.

A melting pot of cultures: Over half the population in Mauritius is Hindu and their holy site is the lake of Grand Bassin, which is also known as Ganga Talao. The lake is said to have been built when Shiva, the God of Destruction, poured water from the holy Ganges in to a crater here.

The French, British and African influences are abound in the country’s rich culture, music, dance and of course, cuisine. It’s one country that takes you to several more!

Port Louis: Mauritius has a thriving city life. Port Louis is where all the action is. It is a merry mix of Mauritian culture with Hindu temples, Chinese Pagodas, mosques and Catholic Churches.

Thriving wildlife: Mauritius was famed for being the only home of the dodo. It is also home to monkeys, fruit bats, pink pigeons, songbirds, echo parakeets and Mauritius Kestrels – a species that was only 4 in number in 1974, but now there are more that 800 and they are increasing every year.

Conservation Projects: You have to visit Ile aux Aigrettes if you are a true nature lover. Situated on and uninhabited island on the South East Coast, it is a conservation project set up by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

Vibrant ocean life: Whales, dolphins, sharks, scorpion fish, moray eels, grouper, snapper and so many more species can be spotted off shore. Make your way to Blue Bay Marine Park if you wish to indulge in some snorkeling and witness a truly rich aquatic life. Boat trips to the reef can also be extremely interesting and can be arranged by your hotel. If you’re not the adventurous kind, enjoy these views from the comfort of your glass-bottomed boat!

Lip-smacking cuisine: Love Food? Then you are in for a treat as a glorious mix of cultures, makes way for the most mouth watering and delicious fusion cuisine. With part Indian, Creole, Chinese and French influences, you are surely in for an unparalleled gastronomical experience!

Want to pack your bags and leave immediately? Call us! And leave Mauritius to the experts!

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10 Places in Mumbai To Head To For Iftaar

Ramadan brings with it a time of peace, love and contentment. And for the foodies, it’s a great time to indulge in some stupendous food! ‘Iftar’, or the ritual of breaking one’s fast, is celebrated across the world with food lip-smacking delicacies. Mumbai has a great tradition of Ramadan food that people across religions and strata celebrate in the true spirit of the holy month.

If you are in Mumbai during the pious season of Ramadan, make sure that you head to these 10 places to enjoy the city’s best Ramadan indulgences!

Sarvi, Byculla   

The Chicken Afghani is a must try at Sarvi in Byculla. Make sure you get there before the sun sets, as you are unlikely to get your hands on the famously delicious succulent kebabs after that, as the crowds start pouring in and there is barely any breathing space!

Shalimar, Byculla

What more could you ask for, kebabs followed by rich biryani and some sweet falooda to wash it down. Absolutely delicious!

Zafraan, CST

Open until 3 AM, Zafraan offers up some of the most delicious treats. Murg Tikka Biryani, Butter Chicken and some truly delightful kebabs bring in the true flavours of the season.

Delhi Darbar, Colaba

If you are not in the mood to fight for your food, simply head to Delhi Darbar, that offers the most sumptuous feast in a fine dining space. Do make sure to try the Butter Chicken!

Khyber, Fort

Take a trip back into the Mughal era and enjoy a grand feast in the fine dining environs of Khyber. Must try: Tandoori Raan, Paya Shorba and Nail Nihari.

Bademiya’s at Colaba     

Now there is no way that Bademiya could not figure on this list. For years it has been a favourite for kebabs and rolls and during this time, the attraction is truly infinite. Must have include the Mutton Sheekh Kebab Roll and the Chicken Bhuna Roll.

Bagdadi, Colaba

If you live biryani and have a penchant for some chicken fry, head to this meat lover’s paradise in Colaba – Bagdadi. You can’t go wrong with any dish here. But to keep with the mood of the month, go straight for the kebabs.

Jantar Mantar, Juhu

Head to the suburbs just to sample their delicious Naan Turnovers, Cheese Naans and Tawa Chicken Bagdadi Turnover.

Suleman Usman Mithaiwala, Byculla

Are you done with all the meaty delights? Then head here for some gorgeous dessert. And you definitely must try the Malpuas with Malai.

Mohammed Ali Road

For those with an adventurous spirit, head to Mohammed Ali Road and discover a world of delicious options. Be spoilt for choice and relish the amazing delicacies that line the streets all through the holy month. It’s also a photographer’s paradise with the gorgeously lit streets and the brilliant vibe.

Go feast this Ramadan!

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Board These Scenic Switzerland Trains

Board These Scenic Switzerland Trains

Traveling to Switzerland? Well, your vacation is not going to be complete without a trip aboard the beautiful and scenic trains that the region is so popular for. We’ve highlighted the top 5 trains that make for a must ride when you travel to the land of cheese, chocolate and cheer.


The Bernina Express

If you are looking for a scenic ride from the very get go, hop on aboard the Bernina Express, which takes you all across the canton of Graubünden from the quaint little town of Chur, right up to Italy.

The journey is very comfortable. It serves as a direct 4 hour train from Chur to Tirano in Italy. The variations in landscape along the way make for a memorable ride as they change from high alpines along the Bernina Pass to a Mediterranean vibe along the Poschiavo Valley and you can also expect snow and palm trees on the journey. A world of contrasts in a span of just four hours.

The ride aboard the Bernina Express is comfortable. It offers both 1st and 2nd class coaches, with large panoramic sealed windows, going all the way to the roof.


The Glacier Express

The world-renowned Glacier Express runs between Zermatt and St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps, covering 300 km and offering magnificent views all through the ride.

Referred to as the slowest express train in the world, it is especially designed to soak in the gorgeous sights and the terrain that comprises of tight curves, narrow valleys, 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. The journey takes 8 long but truly majestic hours.


The Golden Pass

This route starts from Lucerne and along the way to Montreux, you see the Buring Pass, the beautiful lakes of Simmen Valley, upper class Gstaad, Bernese Oberland and Lake Geneva.

This journey however, is not a direct one; you will have to switch trains to complete this route. The entire trip takes about 5.5 hours.


Gotthard Panorama Express

Take an impressive train and boat journey across the Alps on board the Gotthard Panorama Express. Witness great views through half the day between Lucerne in Central Switzerland and Bellinzona in the south.

This route begins at Lucerne in Central Switzerland, the climate here is cool and people speak in German. It starts with a very relaxed trip by boat across the beautiful Lake Lucerne, after which a panoramic train takes you along the very famous Gotthard route to the South of Switzerland, where the climate is mild enough for palm trees to grow. One can experience a slice of Italian language and culture here.

It may not be as popular as the Bernina Express or the Glacier express, but this 5 hour journey is definitely one of the most scenic rides.


Chocolate Train

Expect a true first class experience when you get on board the Chocolate Train. It takes you to Maison du Gruyère, where you will be made privy to the production of the famous Swiss cheese. Next, you will visit the medieval town of Gruyères, and you may also get the chance to visit the magnificent castle here.

Next on the agenda is the famous Maison Cailler in Broc. Here you will discover the secrets behind the creation of mouth-watering Swiss Chocolates, and you will also enjoy a special tasting.


So, what are you waiting for? Get on board these magical trains in the Swiss Alps and celebrate the summer just the way it is supposed to be spent.


You can get in touch with us and we would be delighted to plan the most magical holiday for you that comprises of tours on board these magical trains.

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The Evolution of Adventure Travel

The Evolution of Adventure Travel

Nature-based tourism and an interest in world culture has peaked in the last few years. People are forsaking regular holidays to quench their thirst for adventure and love for the outdoors. However, adventure travel isn’t something we’ve discovered over the past decade. It has been in our DNA for centuries, beginning from the explorers who set sail for unknown lands on nothing but sail boats! Their search for new lands and cultures opened up the world for us, in every which way! So it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the explorers were the first of the organized adventure travelers in recorded history.

The boat and on foot or on animal-backs were the primary modes of transport for these brave hearts, who literally set on a journey they had no idea they’d return alive from!

After the 1800’s, travel, both commercial and for recreation, across the world was restricted to those with money. Only the rich could afford the limited berths on ships, and had the time to go months and months at sea, spending everyday and not earning anything during that time. It was an expensive hobby and most only young and rich European men could afford it. It may be difficult to believe, but, World War II gave way to travel for many. Surplus military aircraft’s became available for people to visit the most far-flung corners of the globe and experience the beauty of travel. Now, a lot more ‘commoners’ began traveling, and so smitten were they by wanderlust that there was no stopping! Other military equipment that was in surplus became available to the public too, like Jeeps, backpacks, rafts, camping gear, guns, skis and scuba diving equipment. Since these were built to protect, civilians used it to fuel their thirst for adventure and used them to go in to unchartered territories, thus giving further thrust adventure travel. As people became more mobile, and next, became more conservative of their surroundings, environment and world resources, there came a surge of protecting free flowing rivers, wild lands and wildlife.

People started becoming more and more curious about the great outdoors and started exploring regions that had not been touched. Soon enough, people were backpacking through crocodile country, wild forests and unchartered mountains. To feel alive, to feel one with nature and to feel the blood gush through their veins. It’s truly a beautiful time to be alive! Today, there are just so many avenues for adventure travel, from sporting activities to ghost treks and gastronomical adventures and jumping into unknown lands!

If you’re up for it, the world is your oyster. Ask yourself – what makes you feel alive?


And then, call us. We’ll help you get there!

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Ten Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should Be On A Cruise!

Ten Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should Be On A Cruise!

Planning the perfect holiday is a lot of work. Pick the places, pick the tickets, look for the shortest connections, the easiest transport, pick the location – the list is endless! But when you pick a cruise, consider that half your job is done!

The most gorgeous places in the world, are now connected with the most luxurious cruises. And onboard, you can have all the fun while you’re being taken to beautiful city! Where else in the world can you swim or dance away at a disco while you’re traveling to your destination?!

We give you 10 reasons why your next holiday should be aboard a cruise!


 1. Value for Money

It goes without saying; a cruise holiday offers great value for money. You will find everything you need onboard a cruise that makes for a fabulous holiday. Entertainment, food, activities abound and marvelous accommodation. Bed, balconies, pools, meals, movies, massages, disco – you name it, you have it!  Luxury liners offer the entire package and they offer facilities that are hard to meet at any other hotel on land.    The deals make it even more exciting. When you choose the correct agency to organize your travels, you can be sure that you will get a cruise holiday deal of a lifetime.


2. Say goodbye to the woes of packing

You travel across a number of cities and think about it, you unpack only once! Yes, that is one of the most important benefits of a cruise holiday.  Board, unpack and then forget about packing back until the day of your travel back home! Your cruise room is literally your floating home for the entire duration of your holiday.

So while on a cruise, say goodbye to chasing trains and running for flights. Enjoy the city, and make it back in time to get on board where a scrumptious meal and a warm bed await you.


3. Fun for the entire family

There is something for everyone on board a cruise. From tiny tots to teens to the elderly as well. So everyone can go and do their own thing. No more tagging along for company, dragging the entire family with you as they get bored!

On a cruise, the entire family can have their holiday, their way! In the safest and most fun environment.


4. Safe Travels

Certain destinations may fill you with fear, and travelling alone to those places may be a little daunting. Well, a cruise holiday will ensure that you do discover exotic lands along with other passengers and a trusted cruise carrier, ensuring that you travel through these destinations with absolute ease. Many cruise liners organize trips with English speaking guides who can help you travel through these lands.

There are more travelers, there’s safety, there’s always someone who speaks English and you’re still on your own! Now, isn’t that perfect?!


5. A Social Experience

If you are traveling on board a cruise that has people from all around the world, you can be sure to have an extremely social experience. You are going to make many new friends, as you interact with them over the dinner table, around the pool or when gazing at the beautiful azure sea.

If you are single, you could also find Mr. or Miss Right; there have been countless stories of people finding the love of their lives on board cruise ships while sailing to distant destinations. Children find the company of children from other countries. The elderly exchange notes with their counterparts from the far end of the world.

If this isn’t what traveling is all about, what is?


6. What size suits you?

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your appetite for entertainment, you can pick and choose the one that suits you best. From mega ships, to simple cruise liners that will keep you entertained with a limited number of activities, you can find what you like most and what suits your budget. While some may choose an intimate ship with an ambience that is upscale, others may choose to opt for a tall-mast sailing ship.

Like they say, there’s plenty of fish in the sea!


7. On-board activities abound

You will find a host of great activities on-board, to keep you entertained as you cruise from one exotic destination to the other. From pools, rock climbing,, movies and entertaining performances to sports options, jogging tracks, yoga workshops, dance, pottery and so much more!

Who says traveling is exhausting?!


8. Easy to Plan

Cruise Holidays are so much easier to plan that planning to visit a bunch of destinations. You have a pre-prepared itinerary, curated by travel experts across the world. All you have to do is sit back, relax and indulge in fun activities, as you ship sails from one fantastic destination to the other!

9. Get on board a floating city        

Everything you need is available on board a cruise ship. From Wi-Fi, cell service to satellite TV, just ask for it and its handy. Most cruise liners also offer medical centers, laundry facilities, and restaurants serving mid-night buffets, movie screens, spas, gyms, restaurants and so much more. The cruise is quite literally, a floating city where you walk, and get exactly what you want!


10. It’s time for romance!

Cruising is indeed one of the most romantic holidays you can plan. With the madness of the city and everyday work behind you, a cruise allows you to spend cherished memories with your beloved, in the world’s most scenic places!

So think no more and get yourself on-board a cruise that’s perfect for you. Give us a call and allow us to design something especially for you!

Cruise your way to the perfect holiday, only with Jetair Tours!


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Pilgrimage & Religious

Pilgrimage Tours – Way simpler than you think!

Pilgrimage Tours – Way simpler than you think!

If you have been putting off that calling from one of the many glorious holy centers around India, then you should definitely reconsider! Gone are the days when pilgrimages used to be physically taxing and tough to complete. Thanks to technology and some great management, pilgrimage tours in India have become way simpler than what you might expect! Of course, some stretches in some pilgrimage spots are still a little tough, but mostly, it’s all do-able. For you, the children and even the elderly in your family! All you need is correct information and the right preparation!

We list down some prominent pilgrimage spots in India that you could consider for your next trip!

Tirupati Balaji

Situated in Andhra Pradesh, the temple is one of the top pilgrimage spots in India. It is a 135 km. drive from Chennai and is also accessible by rail and air. The temple is ripe with festivities all year round with a host of sevas and utsavams being organized for devotees and in praise of the Lord Venkateshwara (Balaji). Devotees from all over the world come to its doors to donate their hair, money and gold. The idol of the Lord in the temple is said to invoke a sense of absolutely spirituality and purity.

Tirupati temple offers special darshan for senior citizens (over 65 years) in the morning as well as afternoon. There are special darshan windows for the physically disabled and parents with infants too. These groups have been provided with special seating arragements. The management also ensures that they do not have to climb any steps as electric buggies drop and pick them from the counter of entry and the temple premises.


The Hindus consider Haridwar to be one of the seven most holy places in India. It is situated in Uttarakhand on the banks of the holy River Ganges. Its nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is just 35 KM away. The top most coveted places to visit in Haridwar are Har ki Paudi, Maya Devi Temple Chandi Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Kankhal and Piran Kaliyar.

Many of these spots give priority to senior citizens. During special occasions, volunteer groups aid senior citizens and the physically challenged to have smoother, easier access to the holy spots.


Varanasi, the oldest city in the world, is considered to be the holiest place for Hindus in India. It stands at a distance of 320 KM from the Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow. Varanasi, also called Kashi and Benaras, is visited by Jains, Hindus and Buddhists alike. Among the many ghats that line the pious city, Dashashwamedha Ghat, Asi Ghat, Panchaganga Ghat, Adi Keshav and Manikarnika Ghat are popular amongst devotees.

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple, one of the most popular temples in Varanasi, has a very organized daily schedule. One can even pre-book their darshan, thus saving time in its long queues.

Buddhist Circuit Tour

If you wish to track the Buddhist Circuit in the search of spirituality and enlightenment, the Buddhist Circuit that covers Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, Kushinagar, Kathamandu and Lumbini is a great idea. Other popular destination like Sanchi, Udaigiri and Khandagiri can also be visited along the way. You can start the tour from Varanasi, and travel across the circuit by rail or bus.

This is a geographically large circuit, so it requires time to cover. However, a planned itinerary that combines train, road and even flights can help design a great schedule that works best for your convenience.


One of the holiest places for Sikhs from across the world, Amristar is home to the Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara (Golden Temple). It is located in Punjab and can be easily reached by air, rail and road. 217 km. from Chandigarh, not only Sikhs but people from all religions come visit the temple seeking blessings and to experience the serenity that resides within the walls. The Golden Temple holds the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ the holy book of the Sikhs.

The Golden Temple is one of the best-managed temples in India. It provides free wheelchairs to all devotees that are in need of it. The langar offers free food to every person who appears at the temple’s doorstep. In case of any untoward emergency, two dispensaries take care of your immediate needs.

Chardham Yatra

This is one of the holiest yatras that may Hindus wish to embark on. The 4 holy places that come under its purview include: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath, all located in Uttarakhand. The yatra begins at Haridwar and moves to the other destinations.

Since a lot of these temples are located at great heights, the elderly take the option of riding horses wherever they can. The CharDham yatra today also comes with the option of helicopter itineraries, where devotees can fly to the temple directly to select temples.

Amarnath Yatra

Hindu devotees from around the country travel by foot to the Amarnath Cave from either Srinagar or Pahalgam, which is located in Jammu and Kashmir. This journey is chartered to seek the blessing of Lord Shiva who appears in the form of a stalgamitic pinda in the cave between the months of July and August. On foot, the yatra is only for the physically fit, owing to the tough terrain. However, one can also choose to ride to the shrine by way of helicopter. For those traveling by foot, volunteer groups set up food supply and resting tents throughout the route.

Vaishnodevi Yatra  

Located in Jammu and Kashmir, the nearest city to the extremely popular Vaishnodevi Temple is Katra, which is 45 km. away. Many people take the tough journey on foot. The scenic hike isn’t very tough, though senior citizens and those with physical constraints are often advised against it.

Helicopter rides are easily available, though they must only be booked with reliable service providers. Another option available for those who wish to take the land route but cannot climb up the Trikuta Mountains – palanquins, ponies and pithhoos. The Temple Board provides for many more facilities such as medical facilities, blanket stores, cloakrooms, banking and postal services.

Kumbh Mela

One of the most magnificent and largest peaceful assemblies in the world, Kumbh Mela gatherings are said to be visible even from outer space! At the Mela, people come from all around the world to experience spirituality and witness a global phenomenon. For many, the highlight is to take a dip in the Ganga at Haridwar, at the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati in Allahabad; and in the Godawari in Nashik, Shipra and Ujjain.

Every Kumbh Mela comes with its own set of unique challenges in logistics, owing to the sheer number of people attending. It is, thus, advisable, to consult a trusted travel company that can arrange comfortable, safe and guaranteed stays for you and your family.

So, don’t dread that pilgrimage! There’s so much that can be arranged to ensure your comfort! Call us, and allow us to take you on the trip of a lifetime!

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Indulge in Ibiza!

Indulge in Ibiza!

Enthusiastic party lovers visit the party capital of the world, Ibiza, from every corner of the globe. People come here to not only experience Ibiza’s legendary beaches, but also get a taste of the best parties that the world has ever seen. In all the revelries, a lot of lesser-known joys of the island are often lost. We list for you some of the things you must absolutely not miss, when in Ibiza!

Sunset at Cafe Del Mar

The sunset from Café Del Mar promises an experience you will never forget. The ultimate sundowner destination, it is visited by the young and old alike. While the young come in to prepare for a night of partying, the old come along to Café Del Mar to spend blissful evenings to the tunes of fabulous music played at the Café. The promenade and seafront rocks make for the most spectacular backdrop for conversations.


Take a walk post midnight
Walk the old streets of the gorgeous town of Dalt Vila, where shops, boutiques, bars and cafés are open way in to the night. There’s always great food and shopping available in Ibiza!


Hippie Market in Es Cana
To the east side of the island, is the beautiful resort of Es Cana. You will have to catch a bus, taxi or ferry to this side of the island. Just outside town, you’ll find a mystical hill covered in stalls selling attractive goodies. Give in to the hippie in you and get some leather accessories, necklaces, bangles, trinklets and even some tie-dyed shirts as gifts for the free spirited back home.


Rock of Es Vedra.

Situated 3 KM off the coast, 400 meters high, Es Vedra dominates one’s view out to sea. Cala D’Hort, the area where this gorgeous rock is situated, is stunning in the day and breathtaking at sunset. Keep your camera ready!


Spanish Paella
When looking to eat your heart out Ibiza, be sure to sample the variety here. Seafood has replaced the traditional chicken, rabbit and snails in most cases, while some places still do serve it with rabbit and chicken as well.
This flavoursome dish in its authentic form is satiating, yet is sure to leave you asking for more!

You can also indulge in a vintage Vespa ride to roam its quaint streets. You could go island hopping on a hip catamaran and dance the night away at one of Ibiza’s legendary boat parties.

There are many shades to Ibiza! Make sure you soak in all of them!

Call us today to plan your perfect Ibiza getaway!

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