Traveling with multiple generations


Traveling with multiple generations

Traveling with multiple generations

When you are travelling solo, there is not much you have to worry about in terms of planning and picking the right activities. After all, the whole point is that you do what you desire! However, when it comes to travelling with multiple generations, from parents to your children, it’s a different ball game altogether. While traveling with the whole family is a great joy, it does present numerous challenges. It’s important to take everyone’s choices and preferences into consideration, striking the perfect balance between ensuring everyone enjoys and no one is bored. 

We’ve made a quick checklist of things you must run through before planning that big family getaway. Get it out of the way, so all you are left to do is have a vacation that’ll make it to your book of memories!

The money talk

It is always easier for one person to spring for expenses and then split expenses. However, it is important that you have this talk. Who is going to book the tickets, who is going to pay the hotels, who will pay for lunch and dinner and other expenses along the way. Are you going to maintain an expense sheet? No matter which route you take, our strong suggestion is that don’t split expenses every time you are out. Let one person pay, put it somewhere for accounting purposes later. It’s time consuming and a logistical challenge to collect change from every person at each point of spending. Appoint a point person for these tasks and split the expenses to make things easier. However, having this talk and sorting this element out is extremely important.  



If you are traveling with aged parents and young children, the requirements will vary greatly. Do your parents need ground floor accommodation or need wheelchair assistance? Make sure you tell the hotel in advance. Do your children like swimming? Then pick a place with a pool. So, pick accommodation that can service both and ensures that everyone involved is comfortable.


Do not over plan

Yes, you may be overly excited about your holiday and may want to plan up to the smallest details. However, if you do so, prepare to be disappointed as your children are going to be the first ones to bail. Children are unpredictable, and you have to give your parents time to breathe and not breathe down their necks constantly to abide by what you have planned. While plan the big moves, let the nitty gritties take their own pace.


Let everyone have fun! 

Plan something special for everyone. You do not have to be together all of the time. Your parents may want to visit the museum or enjoy a relaxing dinner by the sea. Your wife may want to indulge in some spa time and your kids may want to kick back in the pool.            

Let us help you plan the ideal holiday that spans across generations seamlessly and ensures that all of you come back with a bagful of happy memories. Call us!

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How to Travel around Madagascar

How to Travel around Madagascar

Crisp African breeze, blue seas and happy faces. Madagascar is truly a great off-the-beaten-path destination that definitely should be on your to-do list! It offers great avenues for exploration and activities. From rainforests to deserts, lemur to baobabs and hiking to driving, Madagascar has got it all!

Getting around Madagascar can be tricky, and depending on your orientation, you can choose to pick from the many available options. We list some of the options that help you get around this gorgeous island country.


Car and Taxi Rental

Truly the most sensible option would be to hire a four-wheeler and drive around Madagascar. It is also the most reliable, safe and comfortable option, as some of the most trusted international companies run operations here.


Hiring a local driver with the car is a good idea given the tricky roads, language barriers and poor direction via signage. Your local driver can also serve as a guide and translator, and truly serves to be the best way to get to Madagascar’s remote places.


People who travel in groups often choose to hire a taxi-brousse for short as well as long distances. These seat up to 15 travelers. Traveling from the capital Antananarivo (Tana) to Toilara takes about a day. These tend to be dusty, cramped and not air-conditioned but are excellent choices for budget travelers or those who like a slice of the local ways.    It may not be the most comfortable way to get around, but definitely the best way to interact with the people, country and culture.

Taxi-bes, are minibuses that are slightly larger and can be hailed as and when required. Licensed cabs can be opted for, and can be recognized by their beige colour. It is important that prices are agreed to before hand. Taxi brousse and Taxi bes are great affordable options and offer a great way to get around Madagascar.


Water Taxis

Coastal ferries are available to travel between port towns. There is no real schedule you can rely on. And, we must warn you, these tend to be over crowded, with the boats in poor condition. However, the trip can be relaxing and very scenic.


Trains and Buses

The main hub for train travel is the capital – Antananarivo. There is limited train service between the towns around its vicinity and the remaining part of the island has no train access. The train cars are slow, could get uncomfortable and you may be bogged down by the many delays that may come along the way due to breakdown or poor track conditions.


You could also opt for large conventional buses operated by many good companies on the island. Bus tickets are not very expensive, you definitely get what you pay for.


If you are planning a trip to Madagascar, let us help. Call us and we will detail an itinerary and organize the most effective ways for you to travel across the island and not miss a thing. Travel that’s safe, comfortable and reliable. Not to mention, the great places they take you to!

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The Wonders of an Antarctica Holiday

The Wonders of an Antarctica Holiday

Have you always dreamed of a holiday in Antarctica but never really knew what to expect? What are the things to do, and whether you can handle all its awesomeness? Contrary to what one may believe, a trip to Antarctica is way more doable than popularly imagined. Yes, it’s not easy but it’s reasonably well accessible, and totally worth it! Just make sure you go with a trusted name that will make sure all the arrangements are comfortable, and be well prepared for trip.


The White Continent has attracted tourists, adventure lovers and explorers alike for many generations. As you make your way to the bottom of the earth, be ready to be mesmerized with stunning landscapes.


Let us tell you about some of the great things you can do while on that once-in-a-lifetime Antarctica holiday!

Camping Under The Stars

If you harbor a love for camping, there is truly no better place to do so than under the stars at the bottom of the earth. Be sure you have a bevy sack and warm clothes to ensure that you do not get too cold and are unable to enjoy this magical experience!

You should be prepared to lose a little sleep, but that concern will pale in comparison when you have the beautiful stars above you through the night and a glorious sunrise to behold over the landscape when you awaken. No matter where else you’ve been, you’ve seen nothing like this before!


Calm seas make for a great venue for paddling on board a kayak and losing track of all your worries. Imagine kayaking through these jaw-dropping vistas with your favourite people in tow!

Make your way to remote coves and get in touch with enthralling marine life. In fact, if you are in the right place you could also encounter a humpback whale alongside your kayak! How’s that for a first?!

Some science on holiday?

Antarctica is one of the most remote places on earth and a lot of cutting edge research takes place here.

Be sure to add one of the more popular active research centers to your itinerary. The most visited one being the Vernadsky Research Station. Dating back to 1947, this Ukranian base has a very colorful past. Previously set up by the British, it was transferred to the Ukranians for weather and climate research. It is here that they discovered the hole in the Ozone layer.

The Ukranians are warm and welcoming, and will be delighted to show you around the facility and give you a peak into the life at the bottom of the earth.

The Polar Plunge

This sounds extremely daunting, but it is definitely one of the most exciting activities to indulge in when in Antarctica. Think about it. A swim in the coldest waters in the world, and what a story you will have to tell for generations to come!

They call it the Polar Plunge, and it is advisable that you do it under supervision of an expert to ensure that you do it right and stay safe.


Dramatic landscapes, stunning scenery and beautiful marine life make for a great place for you to practice some photography.

There is something enthralling to capture as you point your camera in absolutely any direction. There are several tours that come with a professional photographer, so that you can capture the best moments with elan.

Scuba Diving       

If you like to spend some time underwater, scuba diving in Antarctica’s icy blue waters is a must do. The rich marine life, clear, calm waters and icebergs above make for a magnificent adventure.

Whale Watching

At any time of day, you can catch humpback, minke and orca whales swim past the azure waters. With a beautiful background to match, these large creatures against an overwhelming backdrop make you realize how small your troubles and how beautiful the world truly is.


Hanging out with the ‘oh so cute’ penguins is a given when you visit Antarctica. Millions of them wander the continent and make for great companions on your holiday. Even if you’ve seen penguins before, there is nothing like seeing them in their natural habitat in Antarctica!

While environmental and personal responsibility suggests that you maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from all wildlife, you shouldn’t be surprised if these adorable penguins walk right up to you for a quick chat and snuggle.

Let us help you plan an adventure that you will never forget. Jetair Tours offers some of the most well-crafted, accessible and comfortable holidays to Antarctica. Leave the logistics to the experts, so that you can focus on completely soaking in the magical experience that is Antarctica!

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The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Abu Dhabi is often overlooked in the shadow of its glitzier neighbor, Dubai. But the capital of the United Arab Emirates is a spellbinding destination that should be missed at your own risk!

Dotted with stunning architecture, fishing villages, adventure parks, skyrises, jaw-dropping hotels, global restaurants and woven together with traditional Emirati traditions, Abu Dhabi should definitely be on your travel list!

The only caveat? Make sure to show your respect for the local culture, which means it’s recommended that one dresses modestly. The women are especially expected to cover up, even when on a night out on the town.

We’ve put together a quick ready reckoner for your easy reference. It should have all the answers you seek!


When to Go to Abu Dhabi

The weather in Abu Dhabi is hot all year round. To escape the excessive heat, travel to Abu Dhabi between November and February, when temperatures are mild and cool. Be sure to pack a light jacket.

If you wish to hit the beach in Abu Dhabi, travel in October, March or April, when it is hot, but not very hot. Temperatures in late May through July and August can be stressful and the humidity extends well into September as well. However, no matter when you visit Abu Dhabi, the hotels are comfortable and getting around is not difficult, ensuring you enjoy yourself when you are there, all year round.


Places to see

Although there’s a lot to see and do in Abu Dhabi, something for every interest, there are some places that no one should miss. Do keep a couple of days aside to experience these places!

The Corniche neighborhood


The Emirates Palace


The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital


The Qasr al-Husn Palace fort


The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


The Central Market Shopping Center


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


The Women’s Handicraft Centre


Where to Shop

No trip to Abu Dhabi is complete without some retail therapy! Here are the best places to buy a great lot of things from!

Best Mall

Undoubtedly the best mall in Abu Dhabi, with more than 200 stores, amusements and cinemas, Abu Dhabi Mall is truly a world-class shopping centre.

Premier Shopping Experience 

If you are looking for a shopping experience that is truly premier, make your way to the Yas Marina Mall.  Along the breakwater on Corniche Road, the mall is home to more than 400 international entertainment, fashion and leisure stores.

Boutique Shopping

If you are looking for an experience that helps combine premium brands with top quality boutiques, make your way to the Avenue at Etihad. Paris Avenue serves as a great place to stay updated about top fashion trends in Europe with a host of international designers showcasing their best.

Beautifully Designed   

If you wish to shop in an area that inspires your purchase, then visit the Galleria. Uniquely designed, it is one of the most elegant buildings constructed in Abu Dhabi with a curved roof made of glass and bespoke architecture all around.



The Souk Central Market
is ideal if you wish for a traditional shopping experience. If you are looking for carpets, you should visit the Carpet Souk at Al Khaleej al Arabi Street.

The best place to buy gold is at Madinat Zayed Gold Center, homeware at the Iranian Souk in Al Mina and for handicrafts, make your way to the Women’s Handicraft Centre in Al Karamah.

Where to Eat

Known as the food capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has something to offer every kind of traveler. From local favorites to international delicacies, you can find everything and more here.

When you travel to Abu Dhabi, sampling local Gulf and Emirates flavours is an absolute must. The flavours of the cuisine are rich in spices such as saffron, cinnamon, turmeric and lots of nuts and fruits. A few dishes that you absolutely must try include: Fireed, Mishwy. Margooga, Machbous, Ma’louba, Frsee’ah, Jisheid, and Harees.

Islamic law does not allow the consumption of pork, however, a few places do serve it. Be sure to check the calendar when you travel to Abu Dhabi, as only a handful of restaurants are open to non-Muslims during fasting months of Ramadan.



The Fish and Fresh Food Souk located at Al Mina is a must visit. The Central Souk is home to some nice cheap eats, where you can find great Indian and Arab cuisine. Treat yourself here as portions are generous, prices are low and food is delicious.


Hotel Restaurants

In Abu Dhabi, alcohol can only be served in hotels, and that’s why you will see that some of the best eateries are housed inside hotels. Home to two of the finest restaurants – Li Beirut and Asian Fusion, is the Jhumeira at Etihad Towers. Michelin star chefs, ensuring that you enjoy a culinary experience like nowhere else in the world, run many of the restaurants here.

A few other places that you must visit include Café Arabia at Al Karamah for a truly unique fusion experience. Lebanese Flower is a favourite amongst locals and is known to serve the best shawarmas. Last but not the least, make your way to Sardinia in Al Mushrif, for dining that can be described perfect for those with a funky edge.


Major Indian cities are extremely well-connected with Abu Dhabi and offer several flights a day. Abu Dhabi, with its national airlines Etihad, is a giant hub that connects with almost every destination in the world. Flights to Abu Dhabi are direct, short and affordable.

Choose to call us and we will plan the perfect Abu Dhabi getaway for you. Make it a short break, a quick connection to another destination or a leisurely long holiday. Abu Dhabi offers enough to do on all!

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10 things to do Andaman and Nicobar Islands

10 things to do Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The utopic Andaman and Nicobar Islands have way more to offer than just pristine blue waters. They offer the island life like no other, home to highly private tribes, plateaus, national reserves and of course, the go-to place for the best family holidays.

Here we list out our favourite things to do in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, so that it helps you plan your trip!

Underwater diving at Cinque Island

The waters at Cinique Island are emerald green, which means that visibility is up to 80 feet, perhaps one of the highest in Indian shores. The flora and fauna in the islands too, is spectacular, making it an ideal destination for scuba diving.

Visit Barren Island Plateau

South Aisa’s only active Volcano finds home at the Barren Island Plateau. With its last eruption being just last year, the plateau serves as a great place to visit. It has a 3km. diameter and is inhabited by tough animals like flying foxes, rodents, and goats.

Havelock Island Undersea Walking

One of the most fun and safe things to do when in the Andaman and Nicobar islands is Undersea walking at Havelock Islands. The waters at Havelock and clear and calm and make for the perfect place for a nice walk under the sea.  It is ideal for those who do not have the stomach for scuba diving but wish to go down deep in to the waters.

Elephant Beach

The beach promises a peaceful and vendor free experience. Be sure to participate in the 2 KM long jungle trek that promises a truly adventurous experience.

Diglipur and the Nesting Turtle

During the months of December and January, turtles go through a period of gestation, and they freely roam the beaches of Diglipur. This can be seen on Ram Nagar Beach.

Go to Aberdeen Bazaar for souvenirs

A holiday is not complete without souvenir shopping and when in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, the perfect place to buy souvenirs from is Aberdeen Bazaar. Get your hands on some great artifacts made by local artisans at dirt-cheap prices.

Sunset at Chidiya Tapu

Also popularly known as sunset point, this beach stands pretty secluded and offers the most magical sunset. What you must know however, is that this beach is inhabited by crocodiles and therefore you have to be very careful where you tread.

Ross and Smith Islands

If you are traveling to the Andaman and Nicobar islands with your beloved, then be sure to travel to the Ross and Smith Islands for a truly romantic time.

Bird watching at Saddle Peak National Park

If you are looking for an adventurous and exotic experience, the Saddle Peak National Park is a must visit. With exclusive species of the Andaman Hill Myna, Andaman Wild Pig, Andaman Imperial Pigeon etc., it proved to be one of the most enjoyable experiences. It is the highest point in the Andamans and offers a truly fantastic view of the islands.

Mangrove Boat ride

Travel to Mayabunder for the magical mangrove boat rides. The beaches of Avis and Karamatang are also a must visit when here.

Let us plan your holiday to the amazing islands. Simply call us and we’ll package in experiences that will make your vacation memorable and truly out of this world.

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The Most Gorgeous Paris Restaurants

The Most Gorgeous Paris Restaurants

Paris spells romance. Romance with the arts, with architecture, with fashion, with arts and of course, with food. There’s a passion with which the French whip up their cuisine – as if it goes beyond just eating. It’s an art in itself. French food, coupled with their passion for architecture, interiors and presentation, is what makes Paris doubly exciting. From 12th century architecture to chic, cosy cafes make Paris the gastronomical capital of the world.


Let us show you the top 10 places to eat in Paris, where the setting is as gorgeous as the food that’s served!



With three Michelin stars to its name, the restaurant inside Le Bristol Hotel looks like a fairytale. It’s designed to look like a leaf straight out of a quaint chateau from centuries ago. The fireside, opulent chandeliers, tasseled table cloths and soft chairs all spell old world charm. Visit Epicure for a lavish, indulgent, once-in-a-lifetime meal. And we bet you won’t regret it!

Top picks: Macaroni stuffed with foi gras, artichokes


Le Georges

Breathtaking architecture in the heart of Centre Pompidou. Le Gorges represents minimal architecture from France’s industrial era. Overlooking the city’s most amazing landmarks, it’s the perfect place to feel the vibe of the eclectic city.

Top pick: Coriander and cognac-spiced beef fillet



Bagging the top spot in numerous lists of Most Romantic Restaurant in Paris, Lasserre is beauty personified. The retractable ceiling ensures you can smell the crisp Parisian air when the weather permits. The painists’s lilting melodies beckon you inside the soft-yellow dining room that is adorned with orchids. Settle in, and await, possibly, the best meal of your Paris visit.

Top pick: Crepe Suzette, prepared live at your table!



A touch of America in the French capital – what could be more intriguing! A passion project that reflects Ralph Lauren’s eclectic tastes, Ralph’s celebrates American food with a touch of France, amid its mid-century setting.

Top pick: Steak, Buckwheta crepes



Tucked in a quaint Paris street, Allard is everything old world. From the floral wall paper to the French cuisine, you will be sucked into a culinary paradise with the smashing food that’s on the menu. Wash it all down with some of the best champagne and hospitality. You’ll be sure to take a bit of Paris with you when you step out of Allard.

Top pick: Cold foie gras on toast


Sur Mesure

How mesmerising can white be? You haven’t quite answered that, till you walk into Sur Mesure, the multi sensory experience that goes beyond just the food. Cutting out all the noise and distractions, you are sure to have the most immersive culinary experience here, as you focus solely on the sights, sounds and smells of your absolutely delectable, very French food.


Frenchie Bar a Vins

Don’t be misled by its deceiving simple looks. Frenchie Bar a Vins offers the most terrific, and affordable, Parisian gastronomical experiences. It has the most amazing wine list, bringing you gems from France’s best corners, and the chefs whip up the best fare with the least amount of drama around it. Simple, and astounding.

Top pick: Burrata with pickled pear and dates



If you settle for nothing less than fantastic, Kong is probably where you should head. With one of the best views of Paris, and perhaps the best glass dome restaurant you’ve ever been to, Kong is an extravagant experience. The glass ceiling makes for the best sunset-viewing meal, with Siene views thrown in.


Porte 12

If there’s one place that everyone is talking about, it’s Porte 12. The chic, minimalist interiors are the perfect setting for its fusion French fare. Considering what a hotspot the place is, make sure to reserve a table before you head there. And be prepared to walk into famous faces!

Top pick: Sashimi Chincard with Aubergine Caviar


Le Train Bleu

Ever wondered what fine dining inside a railway station could feel like? Well, then head straight to Le Train Bleu! Established in 1901, it is an ode to the technological boom in Europe in the early 1900s. A railway station that feels like a palace!


If your stomach is already growling and your eyes are thirsting to take in these sights, tell us and we will help you get straight to Paris to indulge your senses!

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Travel Bucket List Destinations – Where to Go in 2018

Travel Bucket List Destinations – Where to Go in 2018

Have you been going through travel blogs, speaking with anyone and everyone you meet about your travel plans for the year ahead? Join the gang! You are at just the place you want to be. Based on international trends, seasons and our experience, we list out the top places that should be on everyone’s bucket list in 2018! Read on and see what catches your fancy!

A Kenyan Safari 

Brush up on your Swahili and get ready for the savannah. A Kenyan Safari remains one of the top experiences for anyone who loves to travel. Who would want to miss out on the sight of gorgeous wildebeest as they migrate through Masai Mara, pink flamingoes, majestic elephants, African lions and the breathtaking rift valley? Did we mention the absolutely hospitable locals, world class camps, scrumptious cuisine and a vibrant culture?

For those who crave an exclusive safari experience, Rwanda offers some spellbinding ones!

Galápagos Islands

If you are looking to soak up the sun on at least one holiday in 2018, then you have to add the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador to your list.

1,000 km off the cost of South America, it is one of the most bio diverse places on earth. Many of the species that call this place home, cannot be found anywhere else on the planet and with truly utopic landscapes, it offers pure bliss.


It may get super cold, but a savvy traveler knows that Iceland must be traveled to.

With innumerable beautiful natural sights to feast your eyes on, which includes the Dettifoss Waterfall to the Fjords, glacier lagoons and the much talked about Golden Circle, have you penned it down yet?? Oh! Do not forget about the myriad avenues to devour the Northern Lights


Beautiful landscapes, amazing cuisine and a fabulous cultural heritage should put Portugal on your bucket list for 2018. Lisbon, with its cobblestone streets and scenic hills, offers a relaxing holiday, while the region of Alentejo brings the most memorable Atlantic experience alive with the promise of epic road trips.

Lisbon also has an underrated local wine and seafood scene.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Culturally intoxicating Vietnam and Cambodia have to be part of your travel bucket list.

Angkor Vat and Siem Reap are sure attractions, but the changing face of Vietnam with avenues for adventure, are making it a great draw as well. Get there before the world does!

So whip out your 2018 holiday calendar and tell us where you want to go!

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10 Dubai Must-Do’s!

10 Dubai Must-Do’s!

Dubai has been at the centre of the world’s interest for over a decade. A bustling city in the heart of a desert, it is a fascinating mix of the old world and new. There’s so much to see and do in Dubai that it can often get overwhelming to choose. So, we pick our favourite Dubai must-do’s to help you pick yours!


Enough has been said about it, but may we reiterate how beautiful is the Burj Khalifa?

Standing tall at 828 metres, the world’s tallest building dominates Dubai skyline. What often goes unnoticed is that it is as gorgeous from the inside as it is from the outside. The observation desk resides on the 124th floor and on a clear day, the view is absolutely extra ordinary. You can top this view only in one way – make it to the Sky Lounge on the 148th floor for a treat for your senses and a luxury experience like no other. For those who love the adrenaline rush, we’d say go for the skydive. It really is an otherworldly experience!


If it’s Dubai, then it must be shopping. And there’s no better place to shop than the Dubai Mall!

Don’t underestimate it as just another mall. You will need more than a day to check out everything that it has to offer. More that 1200 shops, 150 restaurants, an ice rink, indoor waterfall, outdoor fountain, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and an indoor theme park, the Dubai Mall is a holiday destination in itself!


Outside the Dubai Mall feast your eyes on the beautiful choreographed Water fountain. World famous for its brilliance, the fountain jets water up to heights of 150 mtrs.

One of the most popular shows in Dubai, you can catch shows through the day. Two in the afternoon and one every half an hour from sundown till 11 PM.


The island is man made and is in the shape of a palm tree. It is one of the largest man made artificial islands in the world.

It offers a number of entertaining opportunities through its many high-end hotels. An attraction for both locals and tourists alike!


The heart of the city lies in the Creek. The salt water formed the crux of the economy with is abundance of pearl diving and fishing resources.

Home to the Dubai Museum, it offers a cultural treat and a sneak in Dubai’s heritage through a labyrinth of alleyways that make way for souks offering spice, gold and textiles.


Want to watch a movie, do some shopping and feast on the world’s best cuisine?

Then make it to the beach opposite JBR. An open-air cinema and DJs keeping the atmosphere electric over the weekends, it’s a must visit for some excitement.


Want to test your water sports skills, make it to Kite Beach. It hosts a lot of open air cafes for those who simply wish to relax and not indulge in adrenalin pumping sports as well.

You can catch some great views of the Burj Al Arab from here as well.


Centered on the theme of the lost continent of Atlantis, The Lost Chambers Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Middle East and Africa. It will take you through mazes and tunnels to explore the ruins of Atlantis. Feast your eyes on 65,000 aquatic animals, including 12 species of rays and sharks.

The Atlantis has lots to offer – from a thrilling waterpark, restaurants and dolphin scuba dive to shark safari cownose ray feeding and river rides. Unleash the water baby in you!


What’s Dubai without the desert? About 20 minutes from downtown Dubai, the beautiful Arabian Desert is a must visit for those traveling to Dubai. An original tourist attraction, it still hasn’t lost its charms with the exciting desert safaris, sand dune rides, dinner on the dunes, belly dancing and so much more!

It’s like traveling back in time when Dubai was essentially just a desert city!


The Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood will take you back centuries. It reflects the life in Dubai from the mid-19th century until the 1970s.

This is the point from where Dubai’s international trade first flourished. The district is home to numerous fairs, cosy cafes and restaurants.

Make your Dubai trip unusual, with a mix of the must-do’s and underrated experiences. Allow us to plan your Dubai holiday that you’re unlikely to forget!

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10 fun Singapore things!

10 fun Singapore things!

Over the past 2 decades, Singapore has metamorphosed itself from being a tiny island country to one of the top tourist destinations of the world. Not to mention a great place to live in!

A bustling cultural scene, high levels of safety, amazing infrastructure and hospitable locals make it a dream destination. In the past 5 years itself Singapore has added numerous new attractions that there’s so much more to see there. We give 10 fun Singapore things that will surprise you and make you pack your bags and travel there, pronto!


The land area of Singapore comprises of more than just one island, in fact it comprises of 63 islands, the largest being the very entertaining Sentosa. Some of the other prominent islands include: Sisters’ Islands, St. John’s Island and Palau Ubin.


If you are looking for a different kind of nightlife – you will definitely find it here, as Singapore is home to the world’s first Night Safari at the Night Zoo. A 35 hectare park, that houses more than 1000 animals, is a sure treat. Along with a 40-minute tram ride, the zoo also offers opportunity for walking with four interlinked walking trails within the zoo.


The very first man-made waterfall was born in Jurong Bird Park in 1971. Dropping from a height of 30 metres, it is known to be the highest waterfall in an aviary.

Singapore is also home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at the Clouds Forest at Gardens by the Bay.  A taller one is poised to take its spot at the Jewel at Changi Airport – a 40 meter waterfall surrounded by a lush green garden.


The Merlion is surely the most iconic symbol for Singapore. Legend has it that that the Sumatran prince spotted a creature that looked like a lion. Singapore got its name from that sight – Singapura, meaning City of Lions in Sanskrit. However, there is not evidence of lions being native to Singapore, and the creature may have actually been a tiger. Oops!


Travel to Singapore and you are sure to hear ‘leh’ and ‘la’ as part of conversations. Singlish is widely spoken in Singapore and is a collection of colloquial catchphrases, which has been created on account of the multiculturalism widely prevalent in Singapore.


Singapore is known to be the pioneer of the F1 Night Race. It’s been held every year since 2008 and is an entertainment extravaganza for all those who visit. From racing to concerts to entertainment activities for adults and kids alike, it’s nothing like anything else. The star of the show – The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix sets a record for being the world’s first ever Formula 1 Night Race.


The Singapore Botanic Gardens, more than 150 years was just awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 and is a sure treat to visit. Spread over 74-hectares, the gardens are home to over 1000 plan varieties. It also offers venues for hire, to celebrate special occasions, and a string of restaurants and cafes that offer global cuisines.


Singapore – also known as the city of skyscraper, is one of the greenest cities in the world. More than half of the land area is covered in greenery. Talk about progressing without disturbing Mother Nature!


There are so many different things that you can do in Singapore. From exploring the unique cultures at China Town, Little India and Kampong, there is a lot more!

Besides the history-rich Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India cultural districts, there is so much more you can see and do in Singapore like Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Flyer, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and lots, lots more!


You will always find a reason to celebrate in Singapore! From major festivals to art events to cultural fests, the city is always buzzing with activities. All of them are multi-cultural, extremely well organized and very secure. From marina-facing restaurants and hotels to celebrations aboard luxury cruise liners – you have all the choices in the world!


So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s a short getaway, a cruise holiday or a long-haul stay, Singapore is perfect! Just tell us what you like and we will have the rest sorted!

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How to save so you can travel!

How to save so you can travel!

If you live to travel and to see the world, saving is a skill that you must pick up! After all, airfares, hotels, food and local travel all cost good money! As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. Every holiday does not have to be extravagant, and even the ones that are, require one to be prudent. For instance, cutting down one dinner at a restaurant every month can help you save enough for airfare to Bali in just a few months!

A few basic tips can help you save big. Even if some may seem obvious, it’s surprising how only a few people take the effort to go through it. Imagine, what you save today will leave you with more money for your next holiday!

With that motivation, let’s see what we can do to save money for travel!


Create a Travel Fund. Make sure that 10%, or how much ever you wish of your salary, is first put away in that fund, ensuring that you have enough to seek your passion and travel the world.

It also helps you stay committed to your passion, keeping you away from giving in to indulgences that are not half as good as traveling!


If you are one of those who frequently eats out, at lunch during work or while watching some television at night, then try and cooking for a change. You’ll be really surprised how much you can save by just eating out far lesser! And we aren’t even talking about the health benefits yet.

Wake up slightly early, prepare a meal for yourself, it does not have to be extravagant, a simple meal will do. If you store your left overs from last night well, then you have a ready lunch waiting for you. Don’t get tempted by what co-workers are doing. They do not have the same dreams as you do.


If you do not live to far away from work, ditching the car, and even public transport may help you getting to work healthy and saved up with some money in your pocket.

It’s free exercise that also saves you money! Have you heard of a sweeter deal? You can use this money and park it in your travel fund.


If you have talents that go beyond the office environs, then you could choose to take on some freelancing work and make some extra bucks.

Ask yourself if you can write, photograph, design or do anything else that can help you clock some extra hours for that extra money that’ll help you pay for a skydiving trip!


Admit it – we are all hoarders. Our houses and full of things we don’t use. Get rid of that clutter and make money off it!

Sell your old clothes, furniture and electronics on the numerous reselling platforms that get you the best market rates. You will surely be happy as you add the earnings to your travel fund.

Are there more ways in which you save for travel? Tell us!

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