Diwali – The festival that makes India come alive!


Diwali – The festival that makes India come alive!

Diwali – The festival that makes India come alive!

When it comes to Indian festivals, there’s nothing quite like Diwali. The entire country is lit up like in a fairy tale. From traditional diyas to fancy neon lights, the country is lit up in various hues. Families come together, eat big meals, homes are adorned with rangoli, special festive treats are prepared days in advance, gifts are exchanges and entire neighbourhoods light up with sheer joy. Diwali makes India truly come alive!

In every corner of India, people celebrate Diwali in their own special way. And it makes for a great experience to see how our countrymen across the nation like to ring in India’s favourite festival.

Here we bring you some of the major highlights of Diwali across India!


Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama along with his wife and brother Lakshman to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile, and after having killed Ravana. Their return was celebrated with fireworks, lights, bursting of crackers and much merriment by the joyous people of Ayodhya who are happy to have their King back.

On this day, the northern states of Bihar, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh celebrate the auspicious occasion by praying to Goddess Lakshmi, the symbol of wealth and prosperity and also to Lord Ganesha to gain blessings of wisdom for the new year.

Families come together and feast, friends get together and play card games through the night. There are special Diwali ppojas held in some temples, and public feasts are organized by some associations too. It’s a fabulous time to be in North India during Diwali, with special mithhais on offer everywhere you go! The nip in the air only adds to the charm of Diwali, with its warmth and diyas!

Diwali indeed is one of the most exciting festivals of the year, in places like Varanasi and Jaipur, the streets come alive and is a true sight to witness.


The eastern region of India, celebrate Diwali with equal fanfare. The day starts early, families get together, feasts are laid out and crackers light up the neighbourhood and sky. In Orissa, you will see oil lamps, candles and lanterns placed in rows outside homes.

While the celebrations are much like everywhere else in the country, there is one that involves burning of jute stems to light up a dark path, which leads the family’s forefathers to heaven. It is a primitive custom and practiced by some families. Doors are kept open and homes are brightly lit up to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi who brings prosperity in to the home.


In the Western states of India, Diwali is celebrated for a period of 4 days, the preparations for which start way in advance. Markets are lit up and shopping frenzy reaches a new high. On the day before Diwali, Gujaratis decorate the verandahs of their homes with Rangoli, as an invitation to Goddess Laxmi.

On day one, which is Narakchaturdashi, fruits are smashed and crackers are burst to mark the killing of the evil demon Narkasaur. On the day of Lakshmi Puja, Day 2, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laksmi are worshipped all over the country. The business coominities of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan undertake the ‘Chopda Pujan’ or ‘Pooja of the Books’ where books of accounts are worshipped in a special ceremony, to pray to the Gods for prosperity in the business. The third day is a good day for a new beginning and is the day of shopping and lighting diyas. Day 4 is Bhau Beej, which celebrate the bond between brother and sister.


In the southern region, Naraka Chaturdashi is the main day of Diwali celebration. In most homes, preparations begin a day before Diwali when the oven is cleaned, smeared with lime, religious symbols are drawn all around it and everyone prepares for an oil bath for the next day.

Kolam designs adorn homes, firecrackers and new clothes will be kept on a plate to be used on the day. Celebrations begin with an early morning oil bath before sunrise, sweets are eaten with much excitement and new clothes are then worn.

The festival of Diwali is celebrated in the Tamil month of Aipasi (Thulu month). Here, a unique custom requires a newly wed couple to spend their first Diwali after marriage in the bride’s parental home, where they take blessings from their elders, burst crackers, visit the temple and then are showered with gifts.

Diwali is a great time to visit many Indian cities, which come alive in all new light. With a sense of joie de vivre in the air and holidays in offices and schools, Diwali makes for the perfect time to explore our country.

Where would you like to be on Diwali? Let us know and we’ll take you there!

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Winter vacation? Don’t forget these things!

Winter vacation? Don’t forget these things!

It’s September end. And we know you’re already mentally in December, planning a lovely holiday somewhere far. Winter holidays are mesmerizing – the snow, the chill in the air and the absolutely amazing food!

But with winter, come a lot of precautions that become necessary, especially if one is traveling. Let us help you run through a must-carry list for your next winter holiday!


Make sure you have a warm base layer so that you stay comfortable while you are on holiday. A common advice is layer up when you are out in the cold, so that even if the temperature starts rising, you can remove one later after another to stay cool.

A variety of thermals are easily available at your nearest garment store and even online!


You need a good pair of woolen socks to keep you happy through your winter vacation. Warm feet ensure that your body stays warm and you stay comfortable. You’d also need them indoors, to remain comfortable.


Carry at least two warm woolen sweaters along with you on your winter vacation, those you can wear when you are indoors and those that you can wear underneath your coat as well. Light sweaters are very handy while commuting.


A good coat is absolutely necessary when you step out in the cold. The winds in some places can be quiet treacherous, so make sure you have a coat that blocks these winds and keeps you warm. You could choose to procure a coat that doubles up to protect you from the rain as well, because in certain places, the winter brings with it showers and some snowfall as well.


The winds can be piercing! Earmuffs greatly help in protecting oneself not just from the cold, but also from illnesses. Cold wind getting into the ears can lead to many infections. So whether you feel you need it or not, wear them!


A nice warm pair of strong boots will do you good on your winter holiday. If you are taking off to a place that is riddled with snow, then you need a good pair of waterproof boots that will allow you to enjoy to the fullest.


Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses are not just for summers. They are essential for the winter light, which can be way harsher than you imagine when on the snow. And of course, they make for great photos too!



These matter most. Make sure that you invest wisely in these. Buy a pair of good gloves to protect your hands, keep you warm and preferably those that are waterproof if you are up for playing in the snow. A good muffler, so that your neck and throat are kept warm. A warm hat to protect your head from gusty cold winds. Seems like a lot? You won’t think so when they all work together to keep you warm on your cold, cold winter holiday!



Carry medication to treat the common cold, fever cough and cold. Of course, have nothing without consulting a doctor but safe over-the-counter medication should keep you in ship shape in case of emergencies. A lot of cold towns don’t have too many shops and the nearest city center may be very far from your property. As they say, better safe than sorry!


Now that you know how to prep for your winter holiday, call us and tell us where you want to go! We will get you there! 

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10 Best Shopping Destinations in the World!

10 Best Shopping Destinations in the World!

If shopping and travel are your two key passions, then it really helps in learning which destination across the world will give you a true bang for your buck. We have shortlisted ten of the best shopping destinations around the world that will make your dreams of a thrifty holiday come alive.



With high-streets that offer the best brands to hidden havens for the fashion enthusiast you are sure to find everything in New York. The Manhattan strip is exciting, prices are reasonable and you can get clothes from all around the world in a one block radius. If you are a Bohemian soul, head to Brooklyn for some treasured finds.


The very name exudes a penchant for fashion. From high end designer boutiques to tiny shops that ooze of Parisian charm, you can find all you need to come back a fashionista! Walk across Montmartre, and experience some beautiful boutiques that have an amazing history of style or delve into beautiful vintage finds from eras bygone.


From malls to independent designers, you will find everything here. Make it to Westfield and find a mall with many floors that feature apparels from global designers. Take a walk across Filmore to get your fill of the best independent stores.


Irrespective of whether you have a large budget or you are a bargain hunter, London is indeed where you will find it all. With its unique cultural blend of people, you will find some great markets, stores and fairs that offer great value and truly bespoke material.  Oxford street and Sloane Street are where the “It” stores are, whereas Portobello market and Camden markets offer great vintage finds and little trinkets.


Being one of the biggest fashion capitals, people often associate Milan with a rich and glamorous lifestyle. And while there are high-end shops in almost every street, what visitors often don’t realize is that there are places to shop for any price point, style and preferences. When visiting Milan, make it a must to visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, La Rinascente and Quadrilatero d’Oro for high end designer pieces and true Italian architecture, but don’t miss out on the best bargains at street markets and factory outlets such as Navigli Canal antiques bazaar, Fidenza Village or Brera. This is a treasure-trove for the fashion forward brigade ad we can design the best suited holiday for you to enjoy the gems of this Italian city.


Popular for its annual Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai is a haven for shoppers all year round. From its larger than life malls to its colorful souks, it indeed has a plethora to offer.


Barcelona too is a shopper’s paradise. Make your way to a mall on the pier that is at the end of Las Ramblas, and here you will find clothing under any budget.


Hong Kong Mall is your go to place when shopping in Hong Kong for International and as well as some local brands. Travel out to the really hip Fang Hong outlet to shop like the locals do.


The vast malls are truly brimming with all cultures from around the world. You will find decadent French pastries, placed next to German designer stores in the super large malls. The numerous malls and the colorful neon lit streets simply make the shopping experience very exciting. Do visit the many drugstores and pharmacies too, as Japanese products are unique and some of the best in the world.


Berlin has a mix of some great independent designers as well as high end brands from around the world. You are sure to find truly unique outfits here, and it is a great place to buy an outfit for a very special occasion.

So, if you are looking to take off on a holiday that offers the best of both worlds combining shopping and great scenes, call us and we will be happy to help!

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Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

If a backpacking trip is more your style than a holiday that is dictated by the suitcases you carry, then we have curated the perfect list for you. Choose from the destinations highlighted below to ensure that you have the best backpacking trip for your next getaway!


Yes, Thailand may have reached the status of the go to holiday destinations with its all inclusive resorts, but even today, it’s a true haven for those who are traveling on a shoe string budget.

There are a number of destinations that are still untouched, that are away from heavy crowds and can get you by on a chilled out drink without being too pricy, at the same time, offering you the beauty that Thailand is so famous for.

Travel the northern regions and inlands of Thailand. Here, you will find a truly exotic oasis.  There is a lot that one can do if you get away from the beaches. Dorm rooms are available by the dozen, so if you do not mind shacking up with someone else to help you save some money, choose this option.

Thai food is not very expensive, especially when you buy it off the street. An authentic Pad Thai can be super filling and will not drill a hole in your pocket.


Are you looking for views that are truly Mediterranean, insightful architecture and cultural stories that are not as expensive as those you will find in Greece or Italy, then you must head to Albania. It has so many gorgeous beaches, museums and cities – all of which you can enjoy at practically half the cost of any other European holiday.


If you have been harboring a desire to travel to Costa Rica but are now worried about the surging prices, then may be you should consider traveling to its friendly neighbour – Nicarcagua. Filled with the same Central American spirit that you hope for, but at a reduced price.


While it may be on a Travel Advisory list of many, it is one of the most beautiful locations for backpackers. So, use your head wisely and be safe in your travels and you will not have to worry about a thing. The number of tourists it attracts is far lesser, as the perception is that of danger, so use this to your advantage, and discover a place that seems to be long forgotten.


Not too far away from home, the gorgeous land of Nepal has truly so much beauty to offer, especially to a backpacker. Thousands of miles of backpacking trails, and some of the world’s highest peaks, it is true paradise for those traveling on a budget. The trails are filled with temples, houses and lodges that offer accommodation that will suit the budget. Kathmandu is known to be home to the world’s second cheapest hostel, so go ahead and make that backpacking adventure count.


While it may take you some amount of money to get to Malawi, however, when you get there, you can survive at practically nothing. The country does not have a tourist industry and has a very poor economy and hence surviving here is relatively easily as you enjoy your holiday.

While getting here is the hard part, getting around at low costs is easy.  Accommodation arrangements can prove to be quiet an adventure, and traveling in packed buses can give you a sure thrill as well. Water skiing is an attraction, and you can devour it here for less than half the price, compared to any other tourist destination in the world.


If you are looking for an experience that is combination of west and east, then head to Turkey. Dorm rooms are cheap in Istanbul and Turkish cuisine at its traditional best when eaten at the right places.

Turkish markets are a great place to get your palates racing and enjoy truly local cuisine. Getting there is not very expensive and traveling around is not going to cause you any unhappiness too money wise.


Vietnam is a great place to visit when you are backpacking. Not just in terms of accommodation and food, but also in terms of the great number of activities and sights that are there in plenty for you to enjoy with no dent in your pocket.


With its growing popularity, South America is not as cheap as it once used to be. However, there are still a few spots that you will find that can be explored easily within your budget. You can find cheap accommodation and meals to sustain your travels across this beautiful land they call Bolivia at prices that are conducive to you.


If you are taking off for a back packing holiday in a group – then you should travel to New Zealand. The best way to travel across New Zealand, is to do so in a campervan. There are number of great campgrounds across both the islands that offer a brilliant experience.

If you have a budget in mind for your travels, speak to us and we will help you plan a great holiday that is easy on your pocket.

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Everything you need to know about Oktoberfest!

Everything you need to know about Oktoberfest!

The Munich Oktoberfest is not all about just drinking beer. In fact, it claims to be the largest folk festival in the world. Over the past decade, the fest has attracted over 6 million tourists to its doors every year. Here’s everything you need to know about it!


The fest takes place in most of September and ends in October. This years dates are September 16 – October 4, 2017. The origins of the fest lie in 1810 when it was held in honour of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwin of Bavaria to the beautiful Princess  Theresa of Saxony – Hildburghausen. It spanned five days and everyone was invited to drink, eat, dance and be merry. It was such a fun event, that it was decided to be held every year. While some wars may have paused the festivities, this is the 183rd time this festival is being held.


A grand parade marks the opening of the festival. People dressed in their traditional best and all their finery in floats parade down the streets of Munich.


Only beer conforming to the strict Reinheitsgebot and brewed within the city limits of Munich can be served at the Oktoberfest. These are served in the 14 large tents and 20 small tents. Some of the large tents can hold an amazing 10,000 people, and the small ones usually hold between 300-500 people. While originally the fest was held in tents, today the structure is sturdier. The interiors are inviting with long wooden benches, tables and often there is more than one level.

More than 7 million litres of beer are consumed in an average Oktoberfest. The food options are aplenty, with Hendl, (roast chicken), Schweinebraten (roast pork), Schweinshaxe (grilled ham hock), Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), Würstl (sausages) along with Brezen (pretzels), Knödel (potato or bread dumplings), Käsespätzle (cheese noodles), Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes), Sauerkraut or Rotkohl/Blaukraut (red cabbage) along with such Bavarian delicacies as Obatzda (a spicy cheese-butter spread) and Weißwurst (a white sausage). The choices can be overwhelming, so make sure you’ve read enough about the beers to know which one you’d want to try!


Lots, actually! Oktoberfest spans over a period of two weeks and is held every year in a meadow outside of the city centre of Munich. You can eat, drink, dance and enjoy many more eventful activities like the parade and rides. The music is maintained at 85 decibels, to keep the mood traditional and pleasant.

If you love living like a local, don’t miss out on dressing up like one! Women can wear a Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress that consists of a full skirt and a very tight bodice. For men, you could choose to wear Lederhosen.

Do bear in mind that Oktoberfest has a strict no-smoking policy. So if you’re caught smoking inside the tent, no beer will be served to you!


There are plenty of options, but then there are millions of visitors, too! The fest is surely a crowd puller and it greatly helps to book in advance. You have budget hotels, luxury hotels, BnBs and even homestays available in plenty. There is ample transportation available too. Munich has a great public transport system, the MVV. During Oktoberfest, the frequency of buses and subway trains is much higher to accommodate the throng of visitors.

The weekends can be pretty packed given tourist traffic. Weekdays are relatively less crowded and this is when the locals decide to drop by.

The Oktoberfest is indeed one of the most exciting events in the world. Everyone must experience it at least once, for the culture, food and just the feeling of being there with millions of beer lovers from across the world.


Call us, and allow us to help you have the best Oktoberfest experience!

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Seychelles: An Affordable Trip to Paradise!  

Seychelles: An Affordable Trip to Paradise!  

If you wish to travel to the Seychelles, but are petrified to think about the costs involved, don’t be! Seychelles is beautiful, luxurious and surprisingly affordable!


The archipelago has 115 beautiful islands, and they are known for their luxury appeal. Travelers with a shoestring budget usually stay away from the Seychelles but it’s not out-of-reach, as many presume.


The extraordinary national parks, the utopic beaches and laid-back local life are enticing to say the least. If you plan smart, there are ways you can enjoy it without burning a hole in your pocket!


Here are some quick tips on how to make an affordable trip to paradise!



While the islands are known for their luxury resorts, today there’s a growing number of affordable places that you can stay in as well. Praslin, La Digue and Mahe offer some great options. A family-run guesthouse to self-catering properties, Seychelles today is fast-developing into a destination for everyone.


When it comes to food – Creole cuisine will keep you satiated. You don’t have to choose to dine at the major hotels. Instead, choose to pick from some beautiful, shore-edged restaurants, where you can feel the sand between your toes as you enjoy a beautiful meal. With the stars for cover and the see for view, it’s the cheapest way to visit heaven!


Affordable and regular ferry services run between Praslin, La Digue and Mahe. In case you do not mind roughing it out a little, you could also choose to travel in cargo boats of La Belle Serphina between Mahe and La Digue. It will help you save on some cash, while enjoying a slice of the local life.

Pro tips: If you are looking to cut costs – choose to stay in just one location, instead of island hopping. Travel off-season, that can help tremendously save up.


You do not have to spend a ton of money on activities. A swim in the Indian Ocean or simply lounging at any of the gorgeous beaches is exciting enough when you are in the Seychelles. Many mid-range hotels do offer access to beaches. If you want to indulge is water sports, check with multiple companies before you choose one. A little negotiation could help significantly bring down the cost.


If you have about a US$130 to spare, a full-day excursion from Mahe to Baie could be organized. This also packages in a barbecue lunch as well as snorkeling gear. You could also choose to rent out snorkeling kits from your hotel at about US$15 and explore the waters for yourself.


Guided walks through the jungle-laden hills of Morne Seychellois National Park will cost you around US$45. This includes lunch as well as transport.

So, bring out the adventurer in you and head to the Seychelles. It’s gorgeous and affordable! We would be happy to help tailor-make an itinerary for you!

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Food is the reason you should Travel!

Food is the reason you should Travel!

The primary purpose of travel is to experience different cultures and ways of living. To be another person for a few days and to unravel our adventurous streak. And what better way to do all this, that to discover it through cuisine?!

Food tells us an immense lot about a place, ingredients, culture and geology!

Some of our favourite food from across world is listed below. We discovered untold secrets and old classics with new twists, adding great joy to our travels! If you still need more reasons to get experimental with your food when you travel, we tell you why we love it!


Almost everything we have in India is Indian-ised. With masalas and paneer. While that may not be bad, if you don’t experiment, you’d never know the real taste of the original lasagna or machurian or bagels or shawarma!


The plate represents thought, philosophy and culture. The French food is artistic and elaborate, the Italians love their coffee and wines and the Thai love it spicy! These are all reflections of what the people in those countries love, and there’s nothing better to experience it than with food!


There’s nothing more exciting than making new discoveries. Did you know how fresh the fruits in Turkey can be, or the mangosteen of South East Asia, or the absolutely heavenly Chocopolagie Truffle of Denmark? How incomplete would your world be if you traveled, and din’t try these?!


We all would agree that there’s nothing quite like meal times to connect with people. Whether it’s about the recipe, the ingredients, sports, weather, arts or history, food gets strangers talking. And isn’t that the most beautiful part of traveling?

Bring the world back home: Loved the trufle in France? Or the very different cheese in Russia? Or the specific chocolate sauce in Japan? Bring it back home! Use it in your kitchen to whip up your own delicacy!

We give you our top picks on why we love traveling to some countries and what are our favourite dishes to try!


A product of French colonization in South East Asia, popularly known as the Vietnamese Hoagie, it is a mix of fabulous ingredients from the East and the West. It’s a humble sandwich, but surely nothing like you may have ever eaten before.


Delectable meat, usually lamb, you could opt for chicken or veal too, wrapped in Turkish Yufka or Armenian Lavash, this ‘roll’ is a must try when you visit Istanbul. Packed with vegetables, hot sauce and herbed yogurt, makes for a superb late night snack.


Fried rice ball, aptly named after the word ‘surprise’, which comes from the oozing mozzarella inside. The ingredients have more or less remained the same over the last century, mainly comprising tomato, rice, ragu (ground beef) and mozzarella. Recently you will find some chicken gizzards added to the mix as well.


From savoury to sweet, you can chose to satiate your craving for this omnipresent French Street food any time of the day or night. Finger licking good, these are a must have when you make a trip to beloved Paris.


Long crispy fried donuts with a helping of rich chocolate sauce. Makes for a fabulous breakfast treat. Well, not everyday, but if you are travelling and are in Spain for a short while, why not?


A trip to any part of Switzerland would be truly incomplete, without digging in to its magnificent cheese fondue.


So, get going, get eating! Call us and we will get you where your taste buds desire!

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Get The Kids Outdoors! 

Get The Kids Outdoors! 

Digital natives as they are called, today’s generation is finding it difficult to lead a life which is free of technology. While most parents will try and limit screen time, kids find one way or another to get their fill. However, we’re taking it upon us to help you get kids out of the house and indulge them in activities that excite their mind, body and soul.

Here are a few outdoor activities that can help kids find the beauty of the outdoors and let go of technology for a while!   


Take your kids cycling. There is truly no better way to get in some physical exercise and also bond with your loved ones. Pack on a few cycles on to your SUV, and ride in to areas that are relatively less crowded and ride the roads. No time for that? Fret not. Just head to your nearest promenade or even your society compound. Cycling is the easiest outdoor activity to plan in the cities too! It is important to maintain safety, so do ensure you have safety gear for you and your kids in place.


Plan a picnic. There are a number of great picnic spots around cities. In fact, you could pack a picnic basket and take off to a location within the city as well. Pick up supplies with them. Plan a barbeque. Ask them to pack their favourite picnic snacks. Get a Frisbee. Take a karaoke set to sing along. Take books, football and your pet – whatever you and your child fancy!


Skating is great for balance. It’s also great fun to do as a family! One can skate fairly well on walking tracks and along promenades by the sea. Society compounds make for safe skating areas too. Make sure to get the right gear and follow all safety rules!


If you like the outdoors, introduce your child to them as well. There are a number of great avenues for hiking outside cities, so pack a bag, load the SUV, find base camp and trek away. Monsoons are a great time to go trekking, with lush green mountains and the freshly washed countryside. You could find special camps that have some great activities besides trekking too, like zip lining, rappelling and lots more.


The beach is always a great idea. Kids love the beach. The sand, water and sun simply get them going. A day spent at the beach will tire them and ensure that they get a good night’s rest. A beach holiday once a year is surely a must and if you have a beach next to where you live, make it a habit to get out there once a fortnight or so.  Building sand castles together never goes out of style!


While you practice yoga indoors, the benefits simply grow manifold when you take the practice outside. Introduce your kids to the truly beneficial world of yoga and see positive developments physically and mentally.


Your child is never going to dismiss the idea of a day spent at an amusement park. You could plan an entire vacation around it, or simple dedicate a Sunday to a visit to the local amusement park. Whatever it may be, it offers to be a great outdoor activity for your kids and will help them get rid of any fear of roller coasters!


When travelling with your family, you don’t want to plan a holiday that is overly relaxed, because, let’s face it, kids get restless, so you have to constantly look for ideas that can keep them occupied. So, plan a vacation that is filled with activities that can engage them physically. Choose a resort that offers a host of activities. Or plan a safari holiday. Even a cultural one. Mix it up well so that they’re constantly amused, excited and intrigued by the world around them.


While this may not be possible all months of the year, there are a few places that could allow it all year round as well. Plan a skiing holiday. Learn it together. Go sliding down gorgeous slopes together. There’s nothing like learning a new sport together with your child!


Introduce your kids to a whole new world, one – the one underwater! Indulge in a variety of water sports that are child-friendly. Snorkeling, scuba diving, para-sailing, jet skiing – check what’s safe for your child and then get going!


No matter which route you wish to take with your child, we are here to plan the perfect outdoor holiday!


Get in touch with our experts today and surprise the little one with an unforgettable memory!

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Top 10 Monsoon Destinations!  

Top 10 Monsoon Destinations!  

It’s raining outside, and all you can see out of the window is water clogged streets and cars piled up one behind the other. This is no way to enjoy the monsoon in the city! So pack your bags and head out to one of our top monsoon destination picks!


If you are living in Mumbai and looking for a quick getaway, Lonavala makes for a true Monsoon Paradise. The greenery along the Sahyadri mountain ranges is revived, and beautiful cascading waterfalls begin their descent. The weather is wonderful and ambience overly peaceful.

About a two hour drive from Mumbai, you can get there quickly and spend an enjoyable weekend and come back refreshed. Too busy for a weekend? Lonavala is great for a day trip too! For those who like going around, there’s Tiger Hill, Karla Caves and of course the very popular Bushi Dam. For the peace lovers, we’d recommend a quaint bungalow or hotel room to put your feet up and relax.


A short flight from Mumbai, Goa is a favourite of holiday seekers all through the year. The best part about the monsoon season is that it’s off season in Goa, and you can get the most amazing deals this time of the year.

The sunny beaches make way for cool, overcast days. The Goan cuisine takes a delicious twist with very underrated delicacies.

The Dudhsagar Falls and the Aguada Fort are especially beautiful in the monsoons.


One of the best monsoon destinations in India, there is little wonder why it is known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’. Treat yourself to the most beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery and mesmerizing views of the hills while you are here.

When in Kodai, you must visit the Berijam lake and Kodai Lake, which offers some great views of the surrounding Palni Hills.


A group of about 570 islands, they offer a exciting mix of water sports, wildlife, beautiful beaches, tribal life, natural beauty and some great time off for that much needed monsoon break.

Havelock Island is great for snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and many other water sports. Of course, the weather needs to permit water sports in the monsoons. We’d suggest you order your favourite food and drinks and just watch as the rains pitter-patter over your roof.


The beautiful variety of flora and fauna in this utopic paradise that is known for its thick forest cover, will keep you at peace during your monsoon break. It is a destination that is ideal for romance with its gorgeous waterfalls, coffee plantations, lakes and amazing food options.

When in Coorg you have to visit the Pushpagri Wildlife Sanctuary, monsoon-hike your way up the Kotebetta and visit the Jog Falls, which are the second highest falls in India.


A paradise in God’s own country – Kerala. Beautiful tea gardens covered in heavy mist, gorgeous hills that come alive during this season and an atmosphere that is ripe for romance and adventure.

Places that you absolutely must visit include Anamudi for wildlife, lakes in Devikulam and the Attukal waterfalls.


Known as the City of the Lakes, Udaipur with all its grandeur, makes for a beautiful monsoon destination. The season revives the greenery in the area and the lakes and palaces offer some breathtaking views.

When in Udaipur, you must visit the City Palace, the Lake Palace, the Monsoon Palace and enjoy a boat ride on the Fateh Sagar Lake.


Since this place is almost untouched, it has a mystical charm to it. Also known as ‘Little Tibet’, Spiti is ideal for those who are looking for an offbeat and adventure-filled break.

Must visits include Pin Valley National Park for the flora and wildlife and Lhalung monastery to find inner peace.


The city of Shillong in Meghalaya receives the most amount of waterfall in the rainy season. Surrounded by the Jayanti Hills and Khasi Valley, you can be sure to feast your eyes on beautiful waterfalls and panoramic views ripe with greenery. There’s something about the mountains in Meghalaya that make it unlike any other that you’ve seen.

Must visits include the David Scott Trail, a trek you must embark on when in Shillong.


Cobble stoned streets, mustard villas, old colonial houses and a beautiful sea front with quiet bars and cafes make Pondicherry a fabulous monsoon escape.

Feast on some amazing French delicacies; visit Auroville and make sure to enjoy some serenity at the beaches.

Wanderlust calling? Worry not. Just reach out to us and tell us where you want to go this summer. We’ll make it happen.

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Mauritius: A Short Guide

Mauritius: A Short Guide

Picture perfect Mauritius is on many a traveler’s wish list. For those who’ve been there, often find themselves traveling back to the beautiful island country that’s popular for its sun, sand and beaches. What makes Mauritius special, is the stunning melting pot of African, French, Asian and British that it is.
With crystal clear waters, palm fringed beaches, beautiful aquamarine lagoons and luxury hotels dotting the entire island, it is a popular attraction for honeymooners and jet setters alike.

But Mauritius has much more than what’s popularly believed. Let us take you through a short guide to this beautiful country that you’re bound to love!

Beautiful topography: For a country as small as Mauritius, it has an impressive, varied topography. Sugarcane plantations, gorges, forested ridges, meadows, arable land and bright tropical flowers – Mauritius has it all!
The main appeal, of course, is the 177 KM coastline, which offers a myriad of beautiful hues. Much of the islands’ shorelines are blessed with calm lagoons, which offers a perfect opportunity for diving, snorkeling and water sports out by the coral reef.

Great properties: Most of the hotels in Mauritius lie in the north, east and west coasts. From budget and affordable luxury to lavish 5 starts, Mauritius has a hotel to fit every budget. And most of them come with beautiful views of the sea. The relatively quieter south of the island is developing soon and has some great properties that offer a quieter, non-touristy side of Mauritius.

Quaint spots: Probably one of the most romantic spots on the island is the peninsula of Le Morne in the southwest corner of the island.

You do not have to be a beach bum to enjoy the island as there is so much more to do. The interiors in the south are home the island’s highest peak, Mount Piton, which you can visit by crossing some interesting places like Chamarel, a beautiful village that boasts of beautiful pineapple and coffee plantations. Also, pay visit to the seven colored earth while you are there.

National Parks: Visit the Black River Gorges National Park. An imposing waterfall going deep in to a steep gorge of forest, makes for a mesmerizing view. Nature lovers, rejoice, as protected habitats can be charted by way of walking trails. Rare plants, endangered birds and monkeys are all there for the viewing.

A melting pot of cultures: Over half the population in Mauritius is Hindu and their holy site is the lake of Grand Bassin, which is also known as Ganga Talao. The lake is said to have been built when Shiva, the God of Destruction, poured water from the holy Ganges in to a crater here.

The French, British and African influences are abound in the country’s rich culture, music, dance and of course, cuisine. It’s one country that takes you to several more!

Port Louis: Mauritius has a thriving city life. Port Louis is where all the action is. It is a merry mix of Mauritian culture with Hindu temples, Chinese Pagodas, mosques and Catholic Churches.

Thriving wildlife: Mauritius was famed for being the only home of the dodo. It is also home to monkeys, fruit bats, pink pigeons, songbirds, echo parakeets and Mauritius Kestrels – a species that was only 4 in number in 1974, but now there are more that 800 and they are increasing every year.

Conservation Projects: You have to visit Ile aux Aigrettes if you are a true nature lover. Situated on and uninhabited island on the South East Coast, it is a conservation project set up by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

Vibrant ocean life: Whales, dolphins, sharks, scorpion fish, moray eels, grouper, snapper and so many more species can be spotted off shore. Make your way to Blue Bay Marine Park if you wish to indulge in some snorkeling and witness a truly rich aquatic life. Boat trips to the reef can also be extremely interesting and can be arranged by your hotel. If you’re not the adventurous kind, enjoy these views from the comfort of your glass-bottomed boat!

Lip-smacking cuisine: Love Food? Then you are in for a treat as a glorious mix of cultures, makes way for the most mouth watering and delicious fusion cuisine. With part Indian, Creole, Chinese and French influences, you are surely in for an unparalleled gastronomical experience!

Want to pack your bags and leave immediately? Call us! And leave Mauritius to the experts!

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